Pitched Roof Repairs & Replacement

Whether it’s traditional slating or more modern concrete tiles, Stuart & Moffat have the expertise to help you through the whole process from planning to completion & aftercare.

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Slate Roofing

Slating is one of Scotland’s oldest trades, and traditionally most pitched roofs would be finished with slate from the nearest Quarry, mainly due to transportation challenges.

Nowadays the skill of slate roofing is still used, and regardless of location, we can source your slate to match your preference.

In Scotland, slate roofs are more commonly associated with older buildings, meaning that the first step in organising your new slate roof is to establish whether or not your building is listed or falls within a conservation area. If the answer is yes, then permission will need to be sought from your local Council planning authority before work commences. We are here to help you through this process.

When we hear back from the local authority, we will have a clear indication of what materials can be used and can move on to selecting the Slate or alternative that best fits your project which will include deciding factors such as the roof structure, pitch angle, slate durability and size.

Then we can move on to the installation, using fixing methods that meet British Standards to ensure the longevity of your new roof and the protection of your home for years to come.


Pitched tiled roofing in Edinburgh

Tiled Roofing

Roof Tiles are the modern alternative to Slate and variety is the word of choice when it comes to selecting your preferred colours, styles, profiles and finishes. Whether you require Plain Tiles, Concrete Tiles or Traditional Clay Tiles, we can help you with the selection process ensuring you make an informed decision.

When choosing the contractor to help you achieve your new tiled roof, it’s important you find a company that is professional, experienced and easy to work with. When you choose Stuart & Moffat as your preferred supplier we provide assurance on the following project deliverables:

  • We will provide a pre-inspection report with supporting photographic evidence so that you are clear on what exactly is required prior to any work commencing.
  • Tiles will be installed to the exact manufacturers specification to ensure manufacturer’s warranty validation.
  • If required to be replaced, all deck timbers and felt will meet the appropriate regulation standards.
  • The roof fixings used will always be fitted to the manufacturers specification and will meet the British Standards 5534 requirements.
  • All works are fully insured and guaranteed.
  • Transparent and consistent communication throughout




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