What New Homeowners Should Know About Their Roof

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Congratulations, you’ve just closed on your first new home! There are few things that are more exciting than making the leap from renting to being a first-time homeowner. Getting swept up in all the commotion and excitement is a wonderful feeling, but first-time homeowners are often known to lose sight of some important details that can cause mistakes to emerge, jeopardizing everything they’ve worked so hard to earn. 

As experienced roofers, the Stuart & Moffat team have put together a short list of things for new homeowners to be aware of about their roof, and how taking these simple steps can save you time, money, and effort as time goes on.

Maintain your gutter system.

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Your roof’s gutters and drainpipes direct rainwater from the roof to the ground in a way that prevents flooding, pooling, and property damage. Not keeping an eye on them could lead to major consequences, as gutters with holes, gaps, or cracks can easily cause leaks or flooding right outside your home. This has the potential to lead to things like foundation damage and erosion. 

Additionally, gutters that are filled with leaves and other debris, or are improperly sloped, will prevent overall drainage, which can cause water to seep under the shingles and damage your roof.

To avoid this, make sure your gutters are periodically cleaned and maintained by those who have the right equipment that won’t create damage to your roof or drain system. Stuart & Moffat Roofing are experts in this area, and especially recommend that homeowners who have trees that overhang their roof should take extra precautions when it comes to gutter maintenance, especially if those trees are pine trees, which are notorious for clogging up gutters with their needles.

Take extra care in winter.

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The elements will always be a threat to your roof and your home, but perhaps none is more dangerous than ice dams that can form in your gutter system when warm air from inside your home rises to the top of your attic space. When this happens, any snow on top of your roof melts and the water then flows down towards the cooler edges of your roof, where it re-freezes into large and heavy blocks of ice. 

Ice dams are not only a huge threat to those below if they were to become dislodged and fall, but they can also cause leaks in your roof. When winter rolls around, you should take precautions to try to prevent these from forming to help prevent your roof from being damaged by the weight of all the ice.

Keep loose debris, algae, and moss off your roof.

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To maintain your roof to a high level and prevent any damage from taking place, make sure it is kept clear of debris, such as leaves, branches, pine needles, and twigs. Always hire a professional roofer to clear your roof, as we know where it’s safe to walk and carry out the work that is needed with the correct kind of tools. Even if it seems like a job you could do yourself, we highly recommend calling up to help as devastating accidents can occur, which can cause you as well as your home serious damage. 

Schedule annual roof inspections.

The key to avoiding major, costly repairs is to schedule preventive maintenance. If well looked after, your roof can have a long life span, to ensure this, we encourage our customers to be proactive with roofing maintenance. There are many benefits to this, but one which our customers experience is the ability to keep costs from spiralling out of control.

Our maintenance plans can be billed monthly allowing you to spread the cost of protecting your home.

Be proactive.

Roofer from Stuart & Moffat  roped to the roof of an Edinburgh tenement

As soon as you notice an issue with your roof, call Stuart & Moffat Roofing to schedule a repair. It’s important that you leave the roof repairs to the professionals because you could damage your roof by walking on it or repairing it poorly. More importantly, you could slip and fall attempting to repair your roof – which could have grave consequences.

With a focus on value, responsiveness, and clear communication, we have become the trusted choice for businesses and homeowners.

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