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The ultimate aim of any type of roof ventilation is to prevent hot air and moisture from getting into the attic space above your home or business. There are a great variety of vent types that are manufactured to perform similar tasks but each type is unique in its structure and functionality. 

The three main types of roof ventilation types are box vents, off ridge vents, and wind turbines. Which is best? Each vent type will be suited to different types and styles of roof, which the talent team at Stuart & Moffat will be able to advise you on.

Box vents

Installed over a hole that is cut out of the roof itself, box vents are known for having no moving parts. Instead, they have natural convection, meaning that they create an opening for the moisture and hot air to be expelled from the attic. They are also known as turtle vents, louvers, flat vents, or low profile vents. For large attic spaces, several box vents can be lined up along the roof or placed at multiple locations around the roof, if the roof has multiple surface areas. Whilst this will definitely work to remove the hot air required, you may want to keep in mind that multiple box vents may not be the most visually appealing.

Off-ridge vents

Off-ridge vents can sometimes be confused with box vents simply because they function fairly similarly. These static vents are placed near the ridge of the roof, over a section that has been cut off. Off-ridge vents differ from box vents due to them being square shaped, long, and thin. Whilst off-ridge vents help to prevent the moisture and hot air from the attic, this type of vent may not be the most effective option available to you, depending on your roof type. 

Wind turbines

New stainless steel air ventilator on the metal roof against blue sky.

Wind turbines (affectionately also known as whirly birds) have moving parts but they are not static. Instead of having motors, they are solely operated on the wind to power their movement. This type of roof ventilation draws up the hot air and moisture from the attic once the wind kicks up and the turbines are spinning. This type of roof vent is a great, eco-friendly solution to roof ventilation and is also fairly low in cost. 

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