Cold Weather Might be Affecting Your Roof. Here’s Why.

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As winter fast approaches, we’re seeing the final scenes of autumn. Frosty mornings, colourful leaves, and welly-boot-weather. 

The colder months bring with them shorter days, bitter temperatures, and an increased chance of wild weather and rain that lasts for days.

This kind of extreme weather can spell disaster for your home. Low-quality roofs and roofs over 20 years old are most vulnerable and have a greater likelihood of suffering the damaging effects of harsh weather.

While your roof may not appear problematic at the moment, there may be hidden weak spots and weathered surfaces that are all susceptible to giving way under the weight of the snow.

It’s important to have your roof inspected as early as possible to avoid any problems escalating into a larger, more costly issue.

We’ve put together some of the most common reasons why your roof might fail in the colder weather.

Harsh rain

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Rain is the most common weather experienced in Scotland – most especially during the winter months. 

The constant beating down of water on your roof can begin to take its toll after a few weeks and months of regular rainy weather. 

Make sure your roof can drain properly, with no water collecting in pools or puddles on flat surfaces, and keep guttering clear of leaves and debris to prevent overflowing or blockages. 

As part of your winter roof maintenance, you should also check that your downpipes are centred over drains with no chance of leaks or spills that could create slippery, icy walkways.

Roof drainage

House Roof awaiting repair

By making sure your roof has efficient drainage, you are reducing the weight of water that would otherwise collect on roof surfaces and preventing the build-up of moisture between tiles that can cause nasty mould and moss growth.

Keep on top of your roof maintenance to help prevent leaks and moisture ingress.

Not only can dampness, rot, and mould be difficult to get rid of, but, if it’s in a place that isn’t often used or visited in your room (such as an unfinished attic), the problem can become an expensive issue before you realise it’s happening.


With the wetter weather and temperatures dropping, snow is never far behind. Snow doesn’t ‘drain’ off a roof as easily as water and the build-up of snow can be quite weighty on unmaintained or old roofs. 

Although many homeowners allow the snow to melt naturally, those who want to clear the snow from their roof should make sure to do so properly – in order to prevent further damage. 

For example, some homeowners think using a normal show shovel can be an effective way to ‘knock down’ snow flurries. However, this can cause damage to tiles, knocking them loose or removing them completely. 

Additionally, some homeowners use rock salt or other ‘melting’ solutions, but these can react negatively with the materials on your roof, requiring yet more expensive repairs.

If you are concerned about the weight of snow build up on your roof, we would advise calling your local professional roof repair company which can advise on the best method of removal for your property.

Icy winds

Bitter, icy winds can have an adverse effect on your property. 

High winds can loosen, move, and shake your roof tiles, sometimes lifting them up and causing a chain of damage across your rooftop. 

The best preventative method of protecting your roof against high winds is to regularly check your roof for loose or missing tiles and have these repaired or replaced where necessary.

Roof repairs in Edinburgh

Routine roof maintenance is important so make sure you know how to take care of it. 

To make sure your roof is in good shape, it’s also recommended that a professional inspects your roof annually.

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