Five Things to Consider When Buying a New Roof

house with a new roof

Number one: Choose the right material

When you’re deciding on roofing material for your new roof, you should consider things like the appearance, price, and lifespan of each available product.

You may consider factors such as:

  • Current covering weight
  • Neighbouring materials (for matching)
  • Conservation areas
  • Price

Increasing the weight of your material will likely require structural reinforcements.

Number two: Choose the right contracting company

Many ambitious DIY-ers tackle the task of installing a new roof themselves. It’s extremely important to make sure the installation of a new roof is done safely, correctly, and complies with building regulations.

Find a trustworthy roofing company, such as Stuart & Moffat, to take away the stress of making expensive mistakes.

Number three: Fitting a new roof can get a little noisy

Replacing a new roof is a loud process. From stripping away old shingles to hammering new materials into place, it can get a little noisy. If you, your children, or pets are sensitive to loud noises, it might be best for you and/or them to stay somewhere else while the installation is taking place.

It’s also good manners to inform your neighbours about the project and when it will start.

If you have plans to go somewhere else during the day, remember to move your car from any driveways or areas around your home.

Number four: Questions to ask your roofer

A solid, water-tight roof is an essential part of every home. Once you’ve decided which roofing contractor best meets your needs, you need to discuss and agree with them:

  • What will happen in the event of unforeseen extra charges
  • What would happen in the event of prolonged adverse weather
  • What hours the trader will work during the week, or at weekends if necessary
  • What materials will be used, who will supply these, and if they come with a guarantee or not 
  • How rubbish will be disposed of and whether that’s included in the overall cost
  • Whether or not scaffolding will be needed and if it’s included in the overall cost
  • What will happen in the event of any work not meeting a satisfactory standard

Number five: Price isn’t everything

Everyone wants to save money, and while price should be a consideration, the most important part of the decision to install a new roof should be the value and return on investment. 

Ideally, you want a fair price that covers the cost of quality products and installation. As you get quotes, ask if the price covers all elements of your roof replacement, including ventilation, protective coverings, and flashing, as well as removal and disposal of the old roofing material and delivery of new materials.

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